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dillysans homeless report what the government will never write or say or listen to .

For all the people needing shelter asap..... and all the services and people ignoring you - Go straight to the recommendations for fixing the problem -
A real report with real information and the failings of the government and society to the homeless writing by a young adult who is thankful enough to be able to help bring awareness to these homeless couples out there .  -includes three initiatives providing a long term solution and short term solution to homelessness in the uncatered 25- 50 couples group who have no disability or children also the over 18 year old single females who are not deemed venerable and left on the streets .- covers re legislation of the intentionally and unintentionally homeless  definitions and appropriate use .-substance abuse and homelessness creating dependencies and mental health issues .
- how an individual can help a homeless person
-What steps the government need to take next
-The real reason for homelessness the rent in advance deposit scandal that&…

Whats all the fuss and why is everyone pandering to the royals this is bullcrap

Its all fair having every whim paid for by the subjects with the only real attribution being the create tourism the old cliche to make us believe their still worth the income . The latest shit to hit the fan of the younger members is kate being papped, who really gives a sh**t
1' First of all why are they doing this whole thing lke its all a legal thing now man just take the shame she got them out and someone took a pic , obviously the desire to have no tan lines was more important than her modesty anyway . I mean theres fake tan  whats the big deal  you know the embarrassment it could cause .

2. Dont make the paparazzi the enemy yet again , it was the wrong choice a high profile person utside sunbathing like that ,shouldnt have done it  i never could imagine any other royal doing it maybe sarah ferguson lol, not the paparazzi shouldnt have taken it ,

3- Why are they acting like omg such a shepish person caught photographed dont get them out  thats all there is to it .

Can i ge…

The cex vs cashconverters review whos the best who will you give you more cash

CEX  REVIEW .  vs Cashconverters

Well if your into i.t and gaming you'll already be very familiar with the first shop I'm going to review CEX it has various stores but no direct phone number . Here's my experience -
I took every piece of id i had there  i had checked on line through their site the id requirements to sell to them before taking the trip in the first place ,but low and behold i was met with a piece of paper sellotaped very messily to a desk saying that was the only id they accepted which was of course not the same as the one on line , i had to produce a bank statement instead which i really feel uncomfortable about the fact that my statement was held on the counter while he slowly wrote numbers down of it i could see chavs over my shoulder trying to  peek it was all veryunsecure , i had no way of knowing if the staff could have accessed any information from my account again once i had left the store  .
once i had my account setup done and received my little red…

dillysans e currency little exchange , exchange paypal , liberty reserve uk based

Dillysans exchange ecurrency board

The paypal exchanges for me are not the favourite exchanges a s accounts can get froze quite often so unless your fully verified past the submition of verification documents then ill trade with you but if unverified im sorry i cant.
I make sure the transaction is completed as soon as your funds clear in my account i send yours , ive been a high rated member on many forums and the exchange sites online but the priced are so high with 6 dollars of liberty reserve converting to only a pound paypal i can do better than that so try me out .

Im offering xchanges here are my rates -

Exchange for

liberty reserve - £10.00 paypal -£5.00

moneybookers- £7.00 paypal - £4.00

Liberty reserve -£4.00 moneybookers - £2.75

Moneybookers -£4.00 Paypal - £2.75

Liberty reserve -£5.00 bank transfer -£2.75

Alertpay/Payza -£5.00 liberty reserve -4.00

paypal - …

sonybravia and iphone compatibility

Sony bravia updated questions -

Can I listen to my iphone tracks directly from the sony bravia through usb -

Well as before like i said even though sony wont , it only recognizes mpeg 4 thats all so  best way is if iphone not jailbroke or using cydia then add tracks to flash and insert it in the usb slot to get your tracks playing through the tv.

Als use a audio jack to do turn the sony into a massive stereo playing all the tracks directly from your iphone briwser or youtube app , you will not see but will hear perfectly with great sound and a increased volume than you would get through iphone speakers .

For the iphone to directly play audio without screen connect the sony bravia to your laptop allow the pc icon to light up click on that so your on the pc channel now remove your audio jack from the laptop and into your iphones jack slot and away you go using your desktop screen on the vravia through the laptop and your audio on the bravia from your iphone voila.
Need the basics on te…