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Quick note guys im so tired and its late as I write this my business cards are here today and wow they look amazing i got  a deal at vistaprint 300 for 3.99 they where in colour too and to be honest i just feel alot more professional now that ive got my name on something . I have to stress I themed the cards based on my design of my webpage so it adds professional look hoping this helps but ill let you no tomorrow where im handing them out and to see if there are any climbs in uniques through the search which should mean they probably came from cards anyway til tomorrow luv dillysan .

My mission your welcome to follow my journey

This is my first blog post so i thought i would tell you abit about myself and my mission I'm about to embark on .Well  in 2009 like many people  Idiscovered I had a tumour  which was  rare it effects 1 in 1000 women  and since then i found myself unable to work but until this day my goal is to make a successful online business so i don't have to depend on the state for money as I can write so Iwanted to use the skills i have and not just give in to a life which i would depend on other taxpayers  and  this blog is where I'm going to keep the ups and downs of my journey , I really hope this blog will touch and inspire other people in similar situations as thousands of people are diagnosed with tumours every year and find their lives irreversibly changed  so my message is don't give up adapt.
The mission-
I have set up a new site hoping to help people in my same situation and am planning to launch the site properly in late September it is live but unfini…