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Monday, 24 November 2014

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Do you need a unemployed loan struggling parent on income support or just a low income and need a quick cash sum then read on ive been doing my research on loans for benefit recipients and habe actually founs sometthing that might help .

Unemployed loans and on  benefit loans also low income accepted if meet below criteria.

criteria -
To register free of charge by email or branch or phone and send id documents to a m for money credit union.

Where this unemployed loan or ow income loan is issued -
M for money credit union can be found online or through your local council.

Well this is the unique part that is a new form of guarenteed income which allows the most dire credit rating to be instantly approved a loan.
A mandate is sent from you and the credit union to hmrc allowing your child benefit to be paid into the credit union directly each  month the first payment they receive wil instantly then make a loan availanle to you of £500 .

Im on benefits do I have ti pay interest ?T he answers NO

How does this unemployed loan take payments -
It takes 14 weekly out of your child benefit and saves the rest over one year giving you a 500 hundred upfront payment and roughly 500 in savings which you can withdraw at the end of the year thats it.

check out M for money credit union available to the uk

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Low interset personal loans - Cashconverters personal loans process and eligibility ,quick loan .


Low interest personal loan  from cashconverters - best personal loan for Christmas

  • Need a quick loan that can be tailored to suit your borrowing needs , these loans are worked out instore only and a personal advisor will deal with the whole loan for you . I t is a quick loan but as they need to do verification checks it may take 3 days or more four at the max .

  • This loan is not available on line instore applications only .

This service is available fer people in receipt of benefits also which is great help to them in  a bind whereas other lenders wont touch them without employment you must show eligibility for receipt of benefits and three months payments into yor bank if no alternate income to be eligible for this loan . 

  • Jobseekers and esa also dla and income support are accepted here .

The eligibility - Before you apply they will credit check but that is not the factor they lend against they have many points they take into consideration so aslong as on the electrol roll with proof of employment and address you will be fine.

I.d requirements for this quick cash loan from cashconverters -

  • Debit card - for avs verfiication
  • Debit card to repay the loan instalments
  • Over 18
  • Photo id - passport /driving license may accept yor medical card on certain circmstances .
  • Entitlement letter  to benefits - jsa , esa, dla and income support . within three months of the date you apply otherwise they wont be accepted
  • Proof of address - if not verified by electroll roll , then your tax bill or any revenue letter with your tax code should suffice .
  • Proof of employment if working - Three moths payslips at least.
  • Bank statements for the past three months to show the average amount coming in and out so they can work out the affordable amount to lend that you can repay .
  • Employers contact details - a phone check could be preformed  to see if you do work there , but all of  the loan process it is confidential and they wont inform the empoyer that you are being verified for the loan .

The actual decision process for this quick loan -

  1. Apply instore with all above  with you fill out the application and arrange for the verification checks to begin , a advisor will go through the process completely transparently with you plus loan interest rates . 
  2. You wil be contacted in the next few days with a decision and the money placed in your bank account or a nominated account even if your overdrafted
  3. You will get the money by 6 o clock the day they approve you so this is a quick loan in any ones book and a great alternative to a payday lender .

Dillysans verdict 

 who should apply , I have ccjs will I be refused ? 

ccjs are fine as long as not in the current month No credit - new to credit as long as can verify your id and address.

  • Bad credit - defaults and outstanding loans
  • Benefits payments of 460 a month

These groups have a great chance when applying for this quick cash loan so give it a try if you have been turned away by other lenders .